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Active Ingredient: Amoxicillin

Amoxil is used for treating infections caused by certain bacteria. It is also used with other medicines to treat Helicobacter pylori infection and ulcers of the small intestines. Amoxil is a penicillin antibiotic. It works by killing sensitive bacteria.

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The drug goes by the company name or brand name of amoxcil. The drug is used to treat bacterial infections. This medication act as penicillin derived antibiotic. Unlike bacteriocidal antibiotics this one ceases the growth of bacteria given in a medium and therefore can only be used in the case of bacterial infections. That being said these drugs would render less or no effect on viral infections like common cold and flu. Just like any other antibiotic overuse of the drug or taking it more than it is required will result in decreased results. It is also used in combination with other medications so that ulcers in the intestine caused by Pylori can be treated. It also keeps them from returning back.

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How to use it?

It is recommended to shake the bottle well before taking the dose. Using the spoon used commonly in homes will not help you to get the right amount of dose administered to your body. Usually physicians recommend the use of drug every 12 or 8 hours so it is better if one will consider his or her physician before using it. Dosage of the drug is solely based on the condition of the patient and on the response that body shows when certain amount is administered. One can take milk water or juice before the drug is administered for thorough absorption. Or one can mi a solution of juices plus ginger and take it to get the proper dose. Consumption of fluids should be done on a greater tenure when the drug is consumed as it is usually advised by the physicians. Antibiotics are known to work at their full potential when they are kept in the body at a constant rate. Thus the drug should be taken on specific intervals of time. One should keep taking it if the prescription says so even if the signs of the infections have disappeared. If you'll inhibit its use right after the signs have disappeared there is a slight chance that bacteria will come back and will cause infections. This is due to the fact that bacteriostatic antibiotics don't kill the bacteria rather they suppress its growth and actions. Improper administration of the drug therefore can lead to bacteria growing again and therefore an attack of the infection might occur again. Given the fact that dose is taken inappropriately the bacteria might also develop resistance against them thus the drug will be rendered useless when it will be taken up again. In any case if the condition persist even if the proper dosage is taken or the condition worsen consultation with the doctor is necessary rather doubling the dose by yourself as it can lead to complications.

Side effects:

Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are known to occur when the drug is used. The medicine can also cause staining of teeth but that can be prevented or eliminated by brushing the teeth properly. Proper brushing will also prevent the stains to be deposited on the teeth in the future as well. But using the drug doesn't mean that it causes adverse reactions on the body every time it is taken. However long term use of the drug can lead to oral thrush or vaginal yeast infection as well. If a person taking these drugs notice white patches in mouth and abnormal discharges from vagina with extreme putrid odor they should consult the doctor. If dark urine, nausea which remains persistent over a long period of time and vomiting occurs it is best in the interests of the person to quickly consult the doctor. Abdominal pain, sore throat, bleeding and fever is commonly observed as well. Although a few reports came in but the drug also have some minor history of causing severe intestinal condition. The condition develops when diarrhea is induced due to clostridium species and they are known to be resistant against bacteriostatic antibiotics. These signs don't usually develop during the usage of the drugs rather they develop when the are not taken. In this scenario it is advised that any kind of drug that is anti-diarrhea or narcotics shouldn't be used as these will make the signs more worse. Consult your physician if the signs are either getting persistent or worse. Mucus in stool and blood is observed as well. The drug is also known to cause allergic reactions rarely. Allergic reaction signs might include dyspnea or troubled breathing, swelling or continuous urge to itch, dizziness. The drug is also known to leave a rash which heals in some time and is not taken seriously. The only way you can differentiate the rash from allergic rash is with the help of signs caused during the allergic reaction. It is therefore advised to consult the doctor right away if you're detecting any sort allergic reaction taking place.


Before you take the drug it is advised to let your doctor know if you have any allergic reactions to antibiotics in the past. This is due to the fact that the drug contains a significant amount of active ingredients in it therefore it might trigger a series of events that will lead to allergic attacks. Also if you have any past condition of renal diseases let the doctor know about it as well. The dose rates sometimes contradict with the kidneys in absorption and filtration processes thus creating complications. Hyper use of these drugs can also lead to renal failure which can lead to death as well. The suspension product of amoxil contains sugar so the use of drug in patients who are diabetic is given under strict observance as the nature of the drug might interfere with the diabetes and might lead to more complications. In women during pregnancy the use of such drugs should be avoided as they can effect the delivery and overall health of the fetus. During nursing tenure the drug is known to pass through the milk so the use of the drug during this period is condemned as it can cause serious complications to both mother and the child.

Drug interactions:

The drug interaction in the case of amoxil are rare and they don't usually occur. To avoid the drug interactions it is best suited in a patient's interest to tell the doctor everything about they're taking including the non prescription drugs and the diet plan they are following. In this way drug interactions can be avoided by cutting down the consumption of the drugs which no longer effect the body and are being taken because the prescription demands it. The products that react with the drug include some live bacterial vaccines. If you're taking probenecid let the doctor know about it. This is because this drug causes the irregular filtration of drug from the body thus causing higher levels of antibiotic in the bloodstream. During pregnancy it might as well react with the drugs taken at that time and that can effect the birth of the child along with mother's and the baby's health.


In case of overdose the drug renders many adverse effects on the body. Severe nausea and vomiting and decrease in urine are the basic signs of the overdose of this drug. Seizures are also known to happen during the overdose. It is best advised to get an immediate medical assistance during one f these sessions so as to avoid any life threatening effects.

In case of missed dose take it as soon as possible but if the time is near for the next dose don't double up the dose rather than that just take the dose according to the prescription.


Avoid keeping the drug in the storage where there is great humidity. Keep the medicine at subsequent moist temperature and heat. Excess in any of the conditions might lead to the expiration of drug and if taken will cause serious effects. Discard the drug if not used after 14 days as it will loose its potency over time. Room temperature should be given to the drug. Medications should be kept away from the reach of children. Flushing the medicine is also banned and one should avoid this practice as well.

It is best suited that the drug should be taken after proper consultation with the doctor. Diagnosing the disease causing agent is a major thing one should keep in mind and therefore quackery shouldn't be performed. However during the use of the drug if you are facing any signs that makes you extremely uncomfortable or irritated it is advised to stop using it till you go see a doctor. The medication also have active ingredients and if taken excessively might also develop CNS signs like convulsion, fever, insomnia or anxiety. The drug shouldn't be given to the children younger than 3 weeks as they are still developing the basic immunity and administering the drug will only make things more complicated. A child weighing 40kg can be given a dose closer to what is given to a normal adult so that the infection is cured.

All about Antibiotics treatment and its use

Diseases are getting stronger day by day and everyone requires a treatment that it was durable and safe. Sometimes this is not possible because bodily problems are usually treated from antibiotics. What are antibiotics actually? To know more about this a detailed study is required on the process and purpose of antibiotics and what is the attributes of antibiotics.

What are antibiotics and how once can treat themselves from the antibiotic treatment?

It is an antimicrobial item that fights against the presence of bacteria and it is used to eliminate the bacterial infection from the body. It is technically a thing that is used to end the life of germs in the body. The word antibiotic means against life and it means that this drug will minimize or completely stop the multiplication and production of bacteria. Antibiotics are ineffective against viral diseases such as cold or flu. If the body has any presence of mucus at any part of the body it is treated from the antibiotics.

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A human body has virus-fighting cells that are known as white blood cells. It fights the virus and tries to end it from spreading. In case the body's immune is weak and it cannot defend itself from the bacteria that have entered the body, the body is in immense danger.

In this case, the body is injected with antibiotics which help with the immunity of the body and the infectious cells are killed one by one until the body is all safe.

Nowadays many antibiotics have been introduced in the market but the first type of antibiotics was penicillin. It is still in used but higher or lower dosage having been discovered. Antibiotics come in different forms and shape. The range varies from the tablets, capsules, syrups, and creams. Every type is used for different purpose.

Why are antibiotics treatments used?

  • Antibiotic is used to kill the bacteria present in the body. The penicillin at first builds a shield of protection in the body and then it starts to kill the bacteria whatever is present within the shield.
  • It is something that is usually prescribed by the doctors or you can even get it from the pharmacy but in the minimum dosage.
  • Antibiotics are only used the bacterial agent but it useless for the virus infections such as common cold or hay fever etc. you cannot protect yourself by consuming antibiotics against such viruses. You need to get a vaccine to cure yourself of a virus.
  • There are different types of ranges for which the antibiotics are issued for the patients. Sometimes the doctors issue antibiotics that have a range of broad-spectrum and sometimes they issue antibiotics which have a range of the low spectrum. The broad spectrum antibiotics provide protection against extreme numbers of bacteria's but the low spectrum one is specific for the treatment of a few problems only.
  • If someone is using a topical antibiotic on their face or skin then it will be used to end the topical bacterial presence. The cream is applied on the surface and it will fight the bacteria that is present. It is used when the bacterial presence is on the surface level only.

How is antibiotics treatment harmful?

  1. There are many harmful effects of antibiotics.
  2. In case the patient has over consumed the antibiotics he might get addicted to it and later on the immunity becomes weaker and the resistance is reduced.
  3. Some patients have reported excessive diarrhea with the use of antibiotics.
  4. When patients are having a dosage of antibiotic in their body they often feel nauseous.
  5. Many patients can experience skin rashes in various parts of the body.
  6. All of the above mentioned side effects vary from body to body but these have been reported by the most number of patients.

Some of the side effects that have been reported but are very less common are:

  • Production of kidney stone, when antibiotics such as sulphonamides are taken in abundance.
  • Blood issues now as disorders when taking trimethoprim.
  • Deafness issues from the aminoglycosides.

All of the above information decides about the properties of antibiotics but there is one more thing that needed to be addressed that how shall one person take antibiotic and consumes it.

Directions for taking Antibiotic treatment:

One of the very common types of antibiotic consumption is by mouth. Which means oral consumption in the form of tablet, capsule or syrup? There are some more ways as which includes topical cream or injections. The topical antibiotic is applied on the surface of the skin whereas the injection means the injecting of the medicine into the body. The injections are usually were intense and there are chances that patient much feels mild adverse symptoms from the injection. The symptoms usually go away in a few hours.

The injection is only recommended by doctors and no pharmacy will give you in the form of injection. It usually comes in the 1000mg, 2000mg or 3000mg and above. The size of the tablets is usually.

Within a few hours of the intake of the antibiotics, it starts to show its results by fighting against the infection. It is highly recommended by the doctors to complete the course of the prescribed antibiotics. In case if it left in between the patient might get the infection back which will make them repeat the course from the beginning again.

Some types of very common antibiotics treatments that are available in the market:

  1. Amoxicillin
  2. Penicillin
  3. Azithromycin
  4. Ciprofloxacin
  5. Doxycycline and many more.

Final Verdict and recommendations:

All of the above information is the general information related to antibiotics treatment. It is recommended to get yourself diagnosed from a doctor before starting on the oral antibiotic treatment as it might be harmful. In case of an emergency don't wait at home from the symptom to go away of your own. Immediately visit the doctor and get your issues addressed. Keep away the topical antibiotics from eyes or areas that are highly sensitive. In the case of burring or stinging wash immediately with cold water.

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